27 Apr


All bloggers are vain...but not all of them wear red capes.

“Breathe. Know that the Internet has no eraser.” Liz Strauss

The Internet has no eraser. Anything that you post can be found again, no matter how many times you edit, delete or try to cover up. Scary, no?

It was scary starting this blog. (yes, I know I’ve only done one post at the moment. But whatever.) I wrote an innocent little post – just an anecdote, really. I published it, admired it for about two minutes. Then felt sick.

Sixty billion zillion people could be reading this right now (although that’s highly unlikely). What if they don’t like it?!

I checked back the following day. Not a sausage. Thank God.

So. yes, I’m kind of blogging to myself. Yes, it is a bit sad. And yes, I do even think in brackets (bizarre). But it’s kind of like looking into a virtual mirror.

“Blogging is pure vanity.”

And I’m nothing if not vain. I just don’t show it. Much.

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