7 May

My niche in the blogosphere has been usurped!

This lovely (evil) person is the culprit…

Chasing Venus. New blogger. Recently featured on Freshly Pressed. She, honestly, is excellent. Why her and not me?!


Why? I’ll tell you. Her blog is beautifully turned out, she’s witty, she’s got style, she’s even got pictures on her page (How? How?? Tell me, anyone!). ¬†Oh and she seems like a really cool person. So yes, I’m jealous.


She even has these. It automatically makes her awesome.

And yes, I highly recommend reading her trivial (no, really?) rants.


PS: This is a serious case of hero worship…

2 Responses to “Niche”

  1. chasingvenus May 8, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    Aw thank you! You have seriously made my day! My deepest apologies for the usurpation of your niche.

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