Things I Like: Cousins

15 Jun

I like cousins.


That is to say, I like ‘Cousins’ by Vampire Weekend.

Not my actual cousins. Though I do love you, if you’re reading.*


Yeah, well anyway! Cousins. Yes. Look. Just listen. And watch. You’ll get what I mean.


The random ay! noises at the beginning, that little scrapey percussion instrument noises and lyrics that make no sense.

“Interest in colours I discover myself
If your art life is gritty you’ll be toasting my health
If an interest in culture should be lining the walls
When your birth right is interest you could just accrue it all.”

But then, they kind of do.  What does it mean? No-one knows, apart from maybe Ezra Koenig (Floppy fringe guy?  Suit and martini singing guy? That’s him.)   If he came up with these he certainly has an interesting mind…

There is too much fangirl goo in my brain about this song, so I think instead of spluuurging into a  badly written mess of a post (more so than already, okay?) I shall make a list…

  1. Adorably scratchy guitary riff, seeps into your brain so that you’ll find yourself singing it in your sleep
  2. Artful drumming. It’s very clever, very fast and VERY LOUD!
  3. Watch drummer guy’s face from 01:19 to 1:31. Then, think about what  he reminds you of.
  4. Mr. Koenig’s voice just really suits this kind of thing.
  5. That subtle yet excellent bass line.
  6. Mr. Koenig’s very interesting dancing (you could call it ‘bopping’ but that’s very twee indeed)
  7. The fact that the video looks behind the scenes, home-made and not shiny or showoffy.
  8. Those short aggressive guitar  licks (Can you have an aggressive lick? I know not.) in the chorus: ‘Me (!)** and my cousins and you (!) and your cousins’. And the happy menacing ‘I can feeel it coooooming!’
  9. That bell bit, and how short guitarist guy is doing the bell bit.

And… how it’s really original, and pretty much unlike anything else I’ve ever seen (apart from watching one of the band members (a short one), in full period dress, bodyslamming some random surfer on a beach at sunset. That was pretty cool.)

I love you, Vampire Weekend! Make videos until you’re 80!

*Not really. You’re scary and over 30 and one of you is getting married and you invited me to be your bridesmaid… no, scratch that. I love ya. Promise.

** An (!) suggests and aggressive lick. (Ew.)

2 Responses to “Things I Like: Cousins”

  1. scarletsculturegarden June 16, 2010 at 12:02 pm #

    There’s no-one quite like Vampire Weekend: I love this song so much because it’s short, sweet, aggressive and has bonkers lyrics (and I love bonkers lyrics)!

    • Eric Does Not Exist June 16, 2010 at 7:20 pm #

      yeah, i may have been over-analysing a bit (thus detracting from the short sweetness) but hey, i went off on a bit of a crazy one due to their loveliness affecting my brain.

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