On Colds and Strawberry Resurrection.

28 Jul

The best emergency cold cure ever. Honest.

As you may or may not know, I’ve had a cold.  Hands up if you care, everyone!

Yup. Thought so.

Anyway, during my period of absence and illness, I’ve been desperately searching for emergency cold cures.  I tried about sixteen and none of them really worked. But…

Josie’s Top Three Desperate Cold Cures

  1. Inhalation– Fill a really big mug with boiling water and dissolve half a teaspoon of Vick’s Vapo-rub* or a few drops of olbas oil. DO NOT DRINK. Okay? But do put a teacloth over your head (sounds mad, I know) and inhaaale the steam.
  2. Herbal teas and hot soups or any other liquids, really. Herbal tea is a bit like drinking water flavoured with grass, but it really works.
  3. Special K.  Red berries variety to be exact. Heat up half a mugful of milk and then add a very (very) small amount of ginger and cinnamon. Add this to a bowlful of Special K, then droozle with a small amount of honey. This a) tastes really good, b) makes you feel lots better (or me, anyway) c) is rather entertaining.

Shall I tell you why? Because on the Thursday morning that I was really ill, I was hunting around in the cupboards for something to eat, and I spied a battered, half eaten box of Special K Red Berries.  I reached into the plastic inner bag and pulled out a freeze-dried slice of strawberry. Now, I’d never really seen one of these before, and I was a bit cautious about eating it. I expected it  to have the same taste and texture as strawberry flavoured cardboard.

I was wrong. I bit into the strawberry and it was like a real one. Kind of. It had a sort of crunchiness, yet a kind of pliant resistance– the type you get when pushing a pin through a rubber band.

I shrugged and poured a bowl.

As I was adding the milk I noticed something. The strawberries– that had already been freeze-dried within an inch of their lives, processed and boxed– were coming back to life. I understand that this is a relatively simple phenomenon; the moisture simply counteracted the freeze-drying process, but I totally wasn’t expecting it. So now,the act of hydrating the strawberries by the addition of milk is now officially dubbed ‘Strawberry Resurrection’

Oh, and when they absorb they expand, so they look like little red inflatable tongues. Just thought I’d add that to put you off your cereal in future. 😉

*It’s tradition in my family that anything can be solved with Vicks or Germolene. Family feuds, broken arms, strep throat, incurable alien viruses, the lot.

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