Best Things Ever of The Week Ever of The Week #2

29 Jul

Yaaay! It’s time for *add internety epic movie guy voice* Part Two.

5. Food Porn

I can pretty much sum this up with two very useful examples.

Example 1: M&S Adverts

Note the oh-so-sexy voice* and the suggestive pauses (“Three bean salad… and wild rocket… with chargrilled tuna steak…”)  , the slo-mo effect, the smoochy lounge music.

Seriously, if M&S food really looked like that, I would buy all my meals from there.

Example 2: The Hummingbird Bakery

Oh god, it's so... so...

I don’t really think I should have to say much about this, just that most of the entries on this list are based around cupcakes. And that their website is equally as scrumptious. :3

The point of food porn is that it makes you salivate, and then go out and buy things. Which is okay with me.

4. Shana Logic (and other very cool indie type internet stores)

Shana Logic is possibly the best internet shop ever. Packed with awesome indie gifts,  gorgeous jewellery, super cute plushies and vair cool t-shirts, as well as a smattering of random gadgets ad geekery, this is the place where I want all of my Christmas presents from. Hear that, everyone?

Specifically, this.

And this.

3. Comedy music

Oh, how I love this. Epic songs to requests… resulting in (often) hilariousness at Songs To Wear Pants To: We Are The Robot Pirates by Andrew Pants of STWPT

And of course, the one, the onlyFlight Of The  Conchords (whom I lovelovelove lo-ove).

And I also love FotC’s groovy New-Zealander-acccent. They don’t do vowels, apparently, so bread turns into ‘brid’ and falafel morphs into ‘fliffel’.  It ends up being deliciously silly and it’s great. 😀

2. Kawaii-ness

Everyone’s gotta love the kawaii. Even if you don’t know what it is.  Okay! Definition time!

Kawaii adj Means ‘cute’ in Japanese. Horrendously overused by fangirls about anything chibi or cute. ANYTHING. Because they feel the need to repeat the three Japanese words they know OVER AND OVER. And they LEARNED the full extent of their Japanese vocabulary (said three words) by watching anime fansubs.

BUT. Just because ‘kawaii’ is horrendously overused, doesn’t mean it’s not fun. And the whole idea of ‘chibi’ and kawaii is vastly entertaining.

1. The fact that I’m being (ever so slightly) internet stalked.

Thank you, slightly deranged people for making my life a happier (if not more paranoid) place. :3

And with that, I leave you with my Best Things Ever of the Week Ever of The Week.  And look out for my additional supplement (to be found at the bottom of each forthcoming post) Stuff That Didn’t Make The List. Wootles!

*You can practically hear her tossing her (scary-shiny, shampoo-ad) hair…

PS: By the way, I found something that tops them all. Andrew Pants (aka Andrew Huang) is a genius.  [I can’t embed this though… sob!]

2 Responses to “Best Things Ever of The Week Ever of The Week #2”

  1. EricDoesNotExist July 29, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    Badly done, I know. WordPress was bring uncooperative. Yay!
    and with that, night-night! zzzzz

  2. pienbiscuits July 30, 2010 at 11:04 pm #

    That wobbly jelly thing at the end of the M&S ad was particularly suggestive. Gastro porn, eh?

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