8 Aug

Shall I give you the good news or the bad news first?

I think I’ll give you the bad news– that’s what people usually say, right? I used to never get that when I was younger. Why have the bad news first? you could have the good news and then ignore the bad because you’re too busy drifting off into a reverie about how you’re going to tell other people the good news.

But, enough of that.

BAD NEWS: I’m going to Finland in about (maybe) four days (-ish), so regrettably, no more blog posts for YOU. (Unless that’s good news, in which case I’m sorry. And also, hmph.)

GOOD NEWS: I bought some new shoes. (Oh, it sucks, doesn’t it, when the good news isn’t as good as the bad news.)

But this is good, because I love shoes.

Urgh, doesn't it just annoy you when those two meany-bitchy-evil- semi-famous-hell-hags go " dahling, are you a shoe person or a bag person?"

Because a) don’t call me ‘dahling’, I know you hate me and b) OF COURSE I’M A SHOE PERSON! Because who who choose bags over shoes?*

But this is beside the point.

The point is (I’m getting to it, trust me) that, in Finland, we’re going to be doing some forced hikey-walky-boaty-fishingy-skiiy** type activities. Yay. My family are big on hikey-walky-boaty-fishingy-skiiy type activities. But this year, there will be a difference. Because I will not be doing these hikey-walk…. (oh, I can’t be bothered anymore) activities in complete agony. ¬†BECAUSE I WILL HAVE SHOOOOOOES!

The people who think they know me (outside of the blogosphere) may think that I am Little Miss Practical. Not so. ¬†On our past few hikey etc. holidays, i have been woefully unprepared, coming only with torture instrument going-out-heels and flimsy flats. Every time thinking myself armed for every footwear requirement. Every time sitting on the plane home nursing my blisters…

But this year, it will be different.

I bought some special hiking shoes.

I’m enjoying my special hiking shoes.

Looking at my special hiking shoes in their special hiking shoes box.

And I am enjoying them.

Special hiking shoes.

I feel like putting them on. They look so comfy and happy, sitting there in their special hiking shoes box.

I feel like I should put them on and go hiking, frolicking about on the… Finnish… mountains… in my big clompy hikey boots. Looking for… Finnish… mountain… sheep.

Possibly what a Finnish mountain sheep looks like.

Okay. That got weird.

*And c) What the hell is ‘Trinny’ short for, anyway? And also, sorry, bag people.

** I know, WTF?

2 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. moyafry November 13, 2010 at 5:38 pm #

    Thanks for your comment! So glad you like apple-y things too. Are you moving to Finland or visiting? Either way, congrats!

    I would be remiss if I read a post about shoes and did not share this video link, which was a hit during college but now I can think of nothing else when someone says “shoes”…. Enjoy!

    • EricDoesNotExist November 13, 2010 at 9:25 pm #

      Just holidaying, unfortunately… I loved Finland both times I went there. I was going to publish The Slightly Boring Finland Chronicles in one super-mega-long post, but it’s been about four months since we went… and The Slightly Boring Chronicles are just too slightly boring.

      Thank you for sharing this link – I remember this nugget of youtube awesomeness! As much as it is disturbing and highly catchy, I refrained from posting a link in this post, mostly because I assumed that everyone reading would immediately do a bit of clicking and watch the vid straight after reading…

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