The Best Droolage On The Web.

1 Oct

Pavlov’s dogs never drooled as much.  The salivary acinar cells have never been worked so hard.

The reason?

Ah, you’ll never guess.

C’mon. I’ve got all day.


Okay. It’s cupcakes.

And the culprit? (I won’t make you guess this time.)

Ming Thompson. Architectural visionary. Graphics genius. And, it seems, the goddess of all cupcakes.

Her website, Ming Makes Cupcakes is even better than The Hummingbird Bakery. Too refined to be called food porn, yet too beautiful to  be just cooking. It can only be called food art.

Flourless Beet Chocolate Cupcakes with Whipped Cream

Example 1: her flourless beet chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream. They look delicious and their recipe is really innovative. Beetroot flavoured whipped cream! Okay, so it sounds odd, but I bet it tastes fantastic. Oh, and the photography is pretty awesome, too.

In an interview with Venus Zine, she stated that Ming Makes Cupcakes was originally “just to share some recipes with my family and friends”. Now with a website clocking over 600,000 hits, Ming finds it “amazing” that her website has done so well.



Clever new concoctions, fantastic photography and a charmingly minimalistic idea all makes for some compulsive blog surfing. And some exceedingly good cakes.

(Seriously, I was one step away from actually eating my computer.)

Ming Thompson. Cupcake Goddess. Nocturnal baker. My new food crush. (Unfortunately for her.)

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